About The Artist

Kelsey Crawford is a visual artist, certified wholistic nutritionist (CN), inspired herbalist, and a level III Usui Reiki practitioner, who has spent 20+ years on the road as a touring musician.

She earned her nutrition certification from the Wellspring School for Healing Arts in 2016. She continued her education in herbal formulations through NUNM (National University of Natural Medicine) as well as caring for cancer, women's  wellness, and medicinal herbs in culinary application through the Wellspring School for Healing Arts.

Kelsey was first introduced to universal energy work in 2008 by a family member who is a practicing Reiki - energy worker. Although she recently completed her formal Reiki training and received her certification at the beginning of 2020, Kelsey’s informal education into energy work has been ongoing for over a decade.

Her passion for illuminating the connection between the creative and healing arts, is informed by her philosophy that creative expression comes in all forms as a fundamental element of wholistic wellbeing.