Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack

$18.00 USD
  • Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack
  • Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack
  • Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack
  • Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack
  • Winter Solstice Greeting Cards - Variety 5 Pack

With each season, I paint a solstice series that usually consists of 3 to 5 paintings. This winter‘s solstice series is called “December,” where I pay homage to the otherworldly nostalgia of the pacific northwest woods in December, which means painting some of my favorite creatures on earth. Creatures such as moss, lichen, flower pods, ferns, owls, moody moons, springs, waterfalls, and succulents. I celebrate nature; that’s my main holiday. However, I do like to create art that expands beyond my celebrations so that you may discover something in my work that resonates with you.

It is such a beautiful time of year here in the Pacific Northwest. The green of this land is illuminated in a way unlike I’ve ever seen, anywhere. Everything is glistening because everything has a bit of dewy rain added to its winter wardrobe. One of the paintings in this series has a string of lights featured in it, and those lights symbolize (in my mind) the stunning effect rain has on this landscape. The way nature invites you in, and the way that when daylight or moonlight opens up its pages onto the forest, The effect is breathtaking, and you read on, into the woods.

This variety pack comes with five blank cards printed on white card stock featuring paintings:

Solstice Lights
Snowy Owl
Christmas Cactus
Fern and New Moon

Your order includes five classic, natural brown envelopes - size A6 (4 3/4 inches x 6 1/2 inches)

**Please allow 5-8 business days to receive shipping and handling info, as each card/print is made to order.

Visit my contact page to send inquiries on S&H pricing outside of the US and inquire about specialty/bulk order options beyond the five-pack.

Thank you so much for choosing to support my art through my small business this year!

Did You Know?
That by supporting my work, you also help a series of small businesses here in Portland, Oregon? It’s true! I curate my supplies through local vendors, and all of my printing is done locally through a small printing company in the industrial NW PDX neighborhood. Keeping my process local allows me to oversee and ensure that every order meets my highest standards of quality, that printing & shipping is seamless, and that the work is consistently beautiful.


This series was initially painted on an acid-free - rough surface, black watercolor paper with raw edges. The unique texture of this paper has made this a special series to work on! Both the greeting cards and fine art prints include a thin white border to show off the organic edges of the original custom paper.

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